9 links for December

Quintus Curtius shares some wisdom on 7 Observations About Getting Older.  If you’re concerned about getting older you need to listen to this podcast.

Do you ever get the feeling your wife is cheating on you?  Braivo suspected his wife was cheating. But how did he find out?

Can the Army give you tips on how to be a better dad? This Dad Does tells you 5 Things the Army can Teach you about being a dad.

Is MLM a legitimate way to make money?  Or is it merely a scam? Find out the truth at WayOfTheOlympian.com

Maybe my post didn’t give you enough tips on how to decide on books to read. WellBuiltStyle.com has a list of 25 Books Every Man Should Read.  No. 19 is a great read.

Shaun from Pop Over Asia has been doing a 30 day challenge.  Producing a YouTube video every day for 30 days.  One of my favorite videos of this series he talks about whether you should interview K-Pop stars for free.

Florian from LifeScienceMentor.com observes that adults don’t laugh anywhere near as much as adults.  What can we do about it?

Florian from LifeScienceMentor.com tells you how as an adult you can laugh more
Adam Lawson talks about Dick Size Anxiety and the Cuckold Fetish

Do you write your own blog?  Sometimes struggle to find decent photos? Jamie McSloy has the answer.  Take your own photos.  Jamie’s photography series shows you what you need to know.

Don’t Bite the Sun by Tanith Lee

(Amazon) My first thoughts on Don't Bite the Sun were, "This woman must have been on some heavy duty drugs to write this" Don't Bite the Sun is set in a futuristic world.  Everything is now taken care of by quasi-robots.   People can now spend … [Continue reading]

9 Links for November

I prefer to link out to other websites with links that are relevant to what I'm writing about.  But sometimes it's hard to link to posts I like without it coming off as forced. So here are 9 links that are helpful or just … [Continue reading]

Playing too many video games?


Recently I talked to Cam Adair from GameQuitters.com about facing fears, excessive video gaming and how I chose which experiences to include in my original 52 project. You might know Cam from one of his TedX talks. The Surprising Truth About … [Continue reading]

27 other ways to be a modern man

brian lombardi

27 Ways to Be a Modern Man by Brian Lombardi recently appeared in The New York Times. You'd be forgiven for thinking this would offer some tips on how to be a better, more masculine person. Unfortunately it appears that Brian Lombardi's vision … [Continue reading]